Cuddle Up + Madeline

Harold Night is WIT's weekly homage to the world-famous longform improv format: the Harold. It all starts with an audience suggestion. From there, WIT’s four Harold teams create unique worlds full of vibrant characters right before your eyes.


Tuesday May 26, 2015
9:00 PM

Cuddle Up are the students of the Close Quarters Performance Elecitve class taught by Dan Miller in spring 2015.

Close Quarters is a mind-bending format in which a series of scenes happen concurrently within the different spaces of a single location.

Cuddle Up are: Jeff Bollen, Caroline Chen, Christina Floriza, Devon Grams, Derek Hayes, Steve Major, Kimberly Righter, John Robitaille, Elizabeth Sanders, Justin Schram, Jason Walther


Meet Madeline

Madeline gives nervy, flirty, and worthy onstage and off. Read More