Nox! + iMusical

WIT's improv comedians turn an audience suggestion into a never-before-seen comedy show!


Friday October 6, 2023
7:30 PM
General admission: $15 in advance (plus $2 service fee); for those who experience cost as a barrier, a limited number of affordable pricing tickets are available using the code AFFORDABLE

Guest acts


“Murphy’s Law meets Nox!’s Law”: You know what they say—what CAN get weird DOES get weird. That’s Nox’s Law. Come see what happens when WIT ensemble Nox! flips Murphy’s Law on its head. Tell us about your day and we’ll show you the weirdest version of what happens next! Cast: Aaron Mosby, Aubrey Peterson, Brianna Lux, Chris Ulrich, Geoff Corey, John Heiser, Joshua Carter, Matt Winterhalter, Nina Hsu, Renee Namakau Ombaba


Do you have a favorite song? What makes it so great? During “That’s My Jam!,” the newest show from WIT’s longest-running ensemble, iMusical, the answers to those questions inspire an instant musical, with all scenes and songs improvised in front of a live audience. Cast: Adrianne Thomas, Anna Claire Walker, Beth Lyons, Cassie Barnum, Elaine Tinkelman, Geoff Corey, Mark Chalfant, Matt Berman, Ryan Campbell, Simone Webster, Travis Charles Ploeger, Michael O’Connor

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Meet Nox!

Nox! holds a funhouse mirror up to today’s society. Read More

Meet iMusical

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