Not Your Mother’s Daughters + Sabado Picante + Peahen + Heavy Rotation

Washington Improv Theater presents a series of performances including shows that blend improv with artificial intelligence!


Saturday April 13, 2024
5:00 PM


Not Your Mother’s Daughters
The girls of Not Your Mother’s daughters love to embody wild but grounded motherly characters that don’t hesitate to share what’s on their minds. They embrace the “pretty flower” format to bring the audience along for these mother’s wild stories with improvised jump cuts and flashbacks.

CastClaire Brisse, Gunjan Maheshwari, Chizobam Nwagwu, Sam Ruback

Sabado Picante
Sabado Picante is an all-Spanish telenovela. In this episode, we will warm you up with fiery drama!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Daniel Barrera, Elizabeth Cutler, Cecilia De Robertis, Analía Gómez Vidal, Matthew Mansfield, David Steib

Peahen is an ostentation but not ostentatious. Peahen is joy. Peahen is togetherness. Peahen is us and Peahen is you.

Cast: Jojo Franzen, Abby Fu, Lauren Gabel, Meredith Garagiola, Sarah Herhold, Taylor Kniffen, Katie O’Donnell, Kacie Peterson, Mikki Smith, Renan Snowden, Analia Gomez Vidal

Heavy Rotation
Heavy Rotation is an improvised rock comedy show. A mixture of live music performance and improv, the cast will raise and embrace their own voices, instruments, and weirdness.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Sarah Baldwin, Nicole Barrett, Diego Hernandez, Richie Khanh, Katie O’Donnell, Molly Scott, Jared Smith, Martin Steger, Jason Walther

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