Figuring It Out + Your Favorite Cookie + Breakfast Schnitzel + Human Magnet

Washington Improv Theater presents a series of performances including shows that blend improv with artificial intelligence!


Saturday March 30, 2024
5:00 PM


Figuring It Out
The duo of performers in Figuring It Out draws on their extensive life experience to explore the joys and challenges of parenting, marriage, and aging.

Cast: Hilary Joel, Steve Pilloff

Your Favorite Cookie
Your Favorite Cookie transports you to a unique and embellished location and lets the fun unfold in this ephemeral world. We meet the innocent characters of this world in three open scenes and watch their destinies intertwine in the most absurd ways possible.

Cast: Brent Buxton, Adian Chapman, James Crisafulli, Abby Haverty, Cassie Hoffman, Kendall Hollimon, Caroline Kelly, Svend Larsen, Beatrice Leydier, Jackson Smith, Gabby Villegas

Breakfast Schnitzel
The terrific trio of performers that is Breakfast Schnitzel seamlessly jump between past and present in order to fully develop the insane backstories of very memorable characters.

Cast: AJ Minite, Tarun Sinha, Paul Soto

Human Magnet
Human Magnet creates a story based on an audience suggestion and explores the funny nooks, crannies, and scenarios they believe also exist within that story’s world.

Cast: Christina Ferrari, Craig Gagel, Jeanna Kim, Andrea Mosee, Steve Pilloff

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