Who Are You Wearing? + La Vie en French + Imagine Wagons + Jive Turkey +Burnt Sienna

Washington Improv Theater presents a series of performances including shows that blend improv with artificial intelligence!


Saturday April 20, 2024
5:00 PM


Who Are You Wearing?
Who are you wearing? Give us a brief backstory of your outfit. We’ll spin your story into a full production.

Cast: Topher Bellavia, Luke Hennig, Adam Levine

La Vie en French

A cast of fluent Francophones and one performer who knows no French at all unite in the universal language of improv.

Cast: Olivia D’Aoust, Robin Doody, Darnell Eaton, Lauren Gabel, Diego Hernandez, Caroline Howe, Béatrice Leydier, Ryan McClure, Anna Nelson, Molly Scott, Brian Shevenaugh, Greer Smith

Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons is a group that brings the Thunder! Their performance is a montage of scenes that will make you a Believer. They spread laughter that is practically Radioactive!

Cast: Nate Alston, Vishal Bindal, Aaron Harris, Jeanna Kim, Sean McGrath, Betsy Milarcik, Shawn Peabody, Lori Pitts

Jive Turkey

This seasoned duo plays a slow character-based show with multiple characters and an interlocking world.

Cast: Joe Randazzo, Chris Ulrich

Burnt Sienna
Are these boys Best Friends? Lovers? Brothers? WE’LL FIND OUT–they’re here for you, set in-place for 15/20 minutes–and ready to unravel the smallest crime that comes to your mind. The trifling trio plays in a “monoscene”, giving you an unbroken window into their world, and the audience suggestion that alternately drives, unsettles, and/or unifies them.

CastAl-Hassan Koroma, Ryan McCloskey, Michael Williamson

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