Matron Saints + Small Mediums at Large + That’s So You + Hellcat

From an improvised Western to Seinfeld: Unscripted, WIT's new run features experiments with different genres and much, much more!


Thursday July 27, 2023
7:30 PM
General admission: $15 (plus $2 service fee); for those who experience cost as a barrier, a limited number of affordable pricing tickets are available using the code AFFORDABLE

Studio Theatre: Stage 4 (fourth floor)
1501 14th Street Northwest


Matron Saints organically improvises characters, relationships and worldviews with a loving but irreverent eye on our source material. The set is anchored by a Steel Magnolias monoscene where several characters discuss the world in Truvy’s salon, with sliding doors into longer life event scenes. We strive for laughter through tears but just laughter is ok too. Cast: Morgan Burris, Emmy Harvey.

Small Mediums at Large – Five mediums come together to answer an audience member’s question for the spiritual realm. Join them as they process their visions one by one through storytelling and exploration and provide a high energy, comedic glimpse into this world. Cast: Lauren Gabel, Katie Munn, Aubrey Peterson, Andrea Quach, Tandra Turner.

“That’s so… you.” You sneer at your work nemesis as they brag about a report where you did most of the work. (Your work spouse agrees, the comment was devastating) “THAT is so you!” You playfully argue with your partner when they try to deny their obvious resemblance to a meme with a puppy in it (the puppy is hella cute and so are they). One phrase, so many options for dramatic emphasis. Honoring the phrase, team “That’s So You” emphasizes their enthusiasm for fun and commitment to theatrical flair. Cast: Andrea Quach, Chris Lewitzke, David Shadburn, Jason Re, John Wambach, Katie Munn, Lauren Gabel, Mark Benjamin, Steve Karig, Taylor Kniffin, Jamal Newman.

A Hellcat show is like a really strong Dirty Shirley: sweet at first, but sour and bitter underneath. We’re playful and fun, but also sharp and cutting, and we are equally committed to the absurd and the heartfelt — because we know that life is all things at once. When you leave a Hellcat show, you’ll ask questions like, “Do these women have rabies?” “Is 4th wave feminism finally here?” “Should I start a commune with all my best girlfriends?” Cast: Clare Mulligan, Jenna Hall, Justine Hipsky, Kaelan Sullivan Fleury, Krystal Ali, Liz Hoke, Lori Pitts, Melissa Gedney, Simone Webster, Steph Wilson, Macey Schiff.

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Photo by Jeff Salmore

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