Seinfeld: Unscripted + Baggage Claim + Uncle Gorgeous + Nox!

From an improvised Western to Seinfeld: Unscripted, WIT's new run features experiments with different genres and much, much more!


Saturday July 29, 2023
9:00 PM
General admission: $15 (plus $2 service fee); for those who experience cost as a barrier, a limited number of affordable pricing tickets are available using the code AFFORDABLE

Studio Theatre: Stage 4 (fourth floor)
1501 14th Street Northwest

Seinfeld: Unscripted – What’s the deal with Seinfeld being scripted? Join Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer as they embark on a hilariously improvised adventure, blending the timeless humor of the original series with the unpredictable genius of improv. True masters of their domain, our talented cast will ‘re-gift’ you with a night full of unforgettable laughter. Brace yourself for a ‘serenity now’ experience that can only be described as “sponge-worthy”. Cast: Stacey Axler, John Heiser, Elaine Tinkelman, Chris Ulrich, Dana Heiser, Alex Kazanas, Jordana Mishory. Music: Mike O’Connor.

Baggage Claim is an all-Black indie troupe here to unpack your emotional baggage in front of a live audience. Tell Baggage Claim about a time someone wronged you, and they will break it down scene by scene until all you can do is laugh about it. Cast: Samiyyah Ali, Precious Jenkins, Namakau Ombaba, Clyde Thompson, Eddison Wilkinson.

Uncle Gorgeous brings you a 25-minute silly supercut of the highs, lows, hilarity, beauty, and of course, scandal of existing in today’s world. The performers will feel like your favorite fun uncles when they improvise a feel-good comedy set based on what makes you feel gorgeous. Cast: Eva Lewis, Joey Breems, Jordana Mishory, Kelsey Peters, Kristiana Martinez, Madeline Dozier, Mikail Faalasi, Samiyyah Ali, Tara Demmy, Tom Di Liberto, Elaine Tinkelman.

Nox! uses one event — such as a wedding, a book launch, or a carnival — to inspire a round of hilarious scenes. Each show has a broad swath of scene types, ranging from SNL-style skits to Adult Swim-style absurdity. As one of the longest-running troupes in DC, Nox! is a close-knit team that thrives on high-energy, memorable characters, and playing with both real and imagined worlds. Cast: Aaron Mosby, Aubrey Peterson, Brianna Lux, Chris Ulrich, Geoff Corey, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Joshua Carter, Matt Winterhalter, Nina Hsu, Renee Namaku Ombaba, Tandra Turner, Tara Demmy.

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Photo by Jeff Salmore

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