Imagine Wagons + All In, Pitches! + Only Improvised Murders in the Building + Student-Teacher Conference

WIT's improv comedians turn an audience suggestion into a never-before-seen comedy show!


Saturday October 14, 2023
5:00 PM
Pay What You Choose

Guest acts

Imagine Wagons

Imagine Wagons is a group that brings the Thunder! Their performance is a montage of scenes that will make you a Believer. They spread laughter that is practically Radioactive! Cast: Nate Alston, Vishal Bindal, Jeanna Kim, Sean McGrath, Betsy Milarcik, Shawn Peabody, Lori Pitts

All In, Pitches!

We love a tune, and we believe that any time is a good time to sing! We create scenes in a montage style based on an audience suggestion, each of which culminate in a song with lyrics and melody made up on the spot right before your very eyes! Cast: Jillian Cardillo, Christina Ferrari, Stephen Gabauer, Carlic Huynh, Thomas Lam, Shawn Logue, Andrea Mosee, Dylan Pfaff, James Zipadelli

Only Improvised Murders in the Building

Fans of madcap whodunits like “Only Murders In The Building” and “Clue” will love this improvised, comedic murder mystery. An ensemble cast – assembled specifically for this unique show – takes the audience on a journey from establishing the background of the murder in question to interviewing suspects to revealing the killer’s identity and motive. Hijinks invariably ensue along the way as two members of the cast emerge as citizen investigators and we get to know them, the quirky crew of potential suspects, and even the victim (via flashbacks).

Student-Teacher Conference

Hey all you WIT students, get in here! Toss your name in the bucket for a chance to perform on stage with WIT’s distinguished faculty!

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