Bethesda Five-Oh! + Human Magnet + Unhinged + Student-Teacher Conference

WIT's improv comedians turn an audience suggestion into a never-before-seen comedy show!


Saturday October 7, 2023
5:00 PM
Pay What You Choose

Guest acts

Bethesda Five-Oh!

A police procedural like nothing you have ever seen. Our two detectives met at the PTA, bonded at the police academy, and now bring their high energy partnership to solve the most fascinating crimes in Montgomery County, MD, home to some of the richest and most highly educated criminals in the world. The predictable genre takes unexpected twists as the partners bring their outsider attitudes and insider know-how to making arrests while making you chuckle. Cast: Chris Olinger, Erika Wind

Human Magnet

The Human Magnet crew patiently finds the absurdities in everyday scenarios and drills into the fun of these human experiences through a montage of scenes. Their performance, inspired by the audience, starts with an improvised story, and then explores this newly created world and all its misgivings. Cast: Christina Ferrari, Craig Gagel, Jeanna Kim, Andrea Mosee, Steve Pilloff


Unhinged is comprised of Elizabeth Cutler and Samantha Watson, two seasoned players who also can’t get enough of your wild and wacky dating app stories. Unhinged uses the audience’s most memorable dating app anecdotes to inspire a whimsical, upbeat, and joyful performance. Love may be a battlefield (ain’t that the truth, Ms. Benatar) but if we can find the humor, then we’re winning…right? Right.

Student-Teacher Conference

Hey all you WIT students, get in here! Toss your name in the bucket for a chance to perform on stage with WIT’s distinguished faculty!

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