FIST 2018 Comeback Match 1

Dozens may try, but only one team will clinch the championship of the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament.


Saturday March 24, 2018
7:30 PM
$20 in advance, $25 at the door

In WIT’s annual bracketed tournament, audiences get to vote for their favorite teams to advance.


The Semi-Finalists

Double Date: Nina Hsu, Joe Randazzo, Chris Ulrich, Jane White

Thanks for Playing: Leila Drici, Omar Parbhoo, Jesse Young


The Comeback Bracket

Oh No!: Michael Alvino, Justine Hipsky, Kaitlin Kemp, Lauren Woody

Martinez: Neil Goodman Baron, Kristina Martinez, Nick Martinez, Olivia Martinez


Important details:

  • Doors open approximately 30 minutes before curtain time. All seating is general admission.
  • In the case of sold-out shows, seats cannot be held for late arrivals and unclaimed tickets may be resold. Late arrivals will not be able to vote in the competition.
  • In the case of a sold-out show, we may offer a limited number of reduced-price stand-by tickets. These seats will be on the floor in front of the first row or along the sides
  • Other questions? Check out our general FAQ.
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