Veronica Norman

After failing to "keep it weird," Veronica fled her hometown of Austin, TX for the country's largest safe haven for Type-A personalities. She has been improvising since 2014, when she discovered that improv was a reliable way to meet fun people.

Like many D.C. attorneys, Veronica enrolled in her first WIT class with the hope that it would improve her courtroom skills. Since completing the WIT curriculum with several smiley face ratings from her instructors, Veronica is pleased to report that she has received positive feedback from judges, such as “That’s enough, counselor,” and “Please sit down.” Veronica has also studied at Dojo Comedy, and performs with the indie troupe Stovëtron.

Aside from improv, Veronica’s favorite activities are sharing wine and food with her favorite people and binge-watching shows in her pajamas.

Photo by Kaitlyn  Hemingway

Personal Motto
Don't be stingy with the cheese
Hidden Talent
Stealth procrastination