Tom Di Liberto

Tom Di Liberto says he’s from around New York City because it sounds cooler than saying he’s a Long Islander from Smithtown.

He started taking improv classes in 2015 as the last independent choice he’d ever make after his wife was diagnosed with pregnancy.

Tom “yes and’ed” his way through WIT’s curriculum and became a proud graduate in 2016. He has performed in WIT’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament and Improvapalooza.

As an atmospheric scientist and father, Tom can be found extremely tired showing random people photos of his child or cool clouds. He really likes clouds. Otherwise, you’re most likely to find Tom yelling into the void about the dangers of man-made climate change. (Guys, it’s real, caused by us and, like, a big problem.)

Favorite Word
Isodrosotherm. That's for all the weather dorks out there.
Favorite Snack
Cheese. Be more specific? All of the cheese.