Tom Di Liberto

Tom Di Liberto says he’s from around New York City because it sounds cooler than saying he’s a Long Islander from Smithtown.

But he has now lived in DC long enough to have three separate waves of friends move away, which I guess means he’s been here awhile. Tom took his first improv class in 2015, and liked it so much that it became the one hobby he has left after becoming a parent. And just like his parenting style, his play on stage is often defined as “trying too hard” and “emotional”.

When not performing with Uncle Gorgeous or the Hypothesis, you can find him enjoying life with his wife and two boys, talking about the weather, and trying to move the needle on climate action. His favorite cloud type and climate phenomena are lenticular clouds, and El Nino/La Nina. And even though he often knows when it’s going to rain, he still forgets his umbrella.

Current Ensemble
Favorite Word
Isodrosotherm. That's for all the weather dorks out there.
Favorite Snack
Cheese. Be more specific? All of the cheese.