Stephen Gabauer

Stephen got his improv start in Scotland, performing with several troupes in Edinburgh and in the Fringe Festival from 2014 - 2016.

Stephen accompanies on guitar for the musical troupe All In, Pitches and performs with indie teams Spin Cycle, Formerly Strangers, and Florida Man. His improv education includes training at Washington Improv Theater, iO Theater, Santa Fe Improv and TBC Improv. As a musician, Stephen performs with artists Dreemy Alpha, LB199X and is working on an original album with music partner, Le’Toya Young.

Stephen starts every day by meditating and sending gratitude to the universe while sitting on an uncomfortable banana fiber stool. He loves cooking, cycling around DC, and the Savasana pose in yoga. Stephen still dreams of becoming a professional athlete later in life. Originally the dream was for basketball, baseball, or tennis. The dream has since been downgraded to ping pong, darts, or bowling.

Current Ensembles
Favorite snack
Seaweed is the new popcorn
German, Spanish, and Swahili