Nora Dell

Nora loves improv for the chance to pause and be silly amid the gentle chaos of life.

Late one night in 2019, after years of living a boring life, Nora decided to try something new – an acting class. She couldn’t find one, so she signed up for WIT’s level one improv instead. Four years, a couple of indie teams, a pandemic, and one 9 month break later, Nora has found a home in WIT’s Harold program.

Outside of improv, Nora enjoys doing math for money and for fun, hosting dinner parties involving buying and grilling a whole red snapper from the fishmonger at the Wharf, reading the first and then the last page of a book first, and living in NE. She does not enjoy: keeping the weeds at bay in her garden, traveling to NW (she does it every day), or constantly unloading the dishwasher (in improv and in life). The two most key ingredients to a happy life are fun hobbies and fulfilling friendship – luckily improv has both.

Current Ensembles
Current playlist
"POV: I'm the DJ at your Turkish wedding"
Favorite snack
Anything on an english muffin