Sol Aziz

Sol was taking a break from work to grab a sandwich when an unexpected stranger unexpectedly shouted at him, "Hey! You should take some improv classes!" Not wanting to let down a total stranger, Sol signed up that very same day.

After some months Sol had finished the curriculum at the DC Improv and he was feeling happy that he did not let down that total stranger. Also, he had added this incredible thing called improv into his life. His life was much richer thanks to this newfound skill.

He was getting some lunch again after this, when suddenly another different unexpected stranger unexpectedly shouted at him, “Hey! You should take some more improv classes!” Again, not wanting to let down another total stranger, Sol signed up for classes at the Washington Improv Theater the very same day.

Sol soon found himself with a full schedule of classes that he was attending, he also started performing at various venues with his newly formed indie troupe. Sol would also take workshops whenever he could. He was beginning to discover how magical and awesome improv truly was and what an amazing community he was becoming a part of.

Sol finished the Washington Improv Theater curriculum at the end of 2019 and the rest is history!

All thanks to that first unexpected shout from that first unexpected stranger, Sol now lives a life full of laughter and adventure thanks to improv.

The moral of the story? Don’t underestimate the advice of random unexpected strangers! You never know what doors it can open for you. So go ahead, take a chance and see where improv can take you!

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