Abby Fu

After many years as an improv fan, a friend convinced Abby to try it. She took an Improv for All workshop in 2010 and never looked back.

Abby formed two indie improv teams in 2011 with WIT classmates – Neighbors (fka We Met in 1b) and Prettier Than You. Abby was so terrified to perform at first, that her team “We Met in 1b” convinced ‘Palooza to allow them to perform at 7:50pm – ten minutes before the show was actually scheduled to begin, so that there were less people watching them. She eventually got the hang of it and went on to play with additional indie teams in DC, including Thermal Runaway, Darlene & Joy, Rancy Negan, Sweater Kittens and Mystery Scarf.

Since moving to Alexandria in 2021, I have fallen in love with gardening – converting my lawn to native plants and habitats. I garden day and night – even scaring neighbors such that one commented, “I never trust a neighbor who digs holes at night.”

Favorite animal
Black-crowned night heron
Hidden talent
Drawing mazes