Emmy Harvey-Parker

Emmy cut her performance teeth in the world of competitive dance and Lincoln-Douglas debate, but eventually decided to keep the stage and ditch the homework and became an improviser.

During the great podcast boom of the 2010s, Emmy developed an obsessive interest in comedy writing and performing and decided to take classes. From there, she began studying improv in Bozeman, Montana at the Verge theater and taking sketch writing intensives on the side.

After completing the Verge program circa 2015, Emmy performed regularly in short-form, long-form, family improv and sketch shows for audiences warm and cold. She then completed the training program at Last Best Comedy and was an inaugural player in Harold team Space Door and ensemble show Notorious B.O.Z. before moving to DC.

Still figuring out DC as someone who doesn’t care about day jobs!

Current Ensembles
Hidden talent
Being the last person to leave the party
Favorite Historical Figure
Samantha Parkington™ An American Girl