Smriti Goel

Smriti's improv journey was a fortunate outcome of an otherwise unfortunate tragedy called COVID. When her friends started investing in Dogecoin, she started investing in improv. Unlike her friends with Dogecoin, she has continued her Improv journey and has never looked back.

Smriti is a WIT Level-5 graduate and has taken multiple classes including Harold and Advanced Harold at DC Improv. Other than the class graduation shows, Smriti has performed with Soup Season at WIT’s Thanksgiving celebration nights and with multiple ad hoc teams during Improvapalooza.

Before moving to the US, Smriti used to live in New Delhi, India where she worked as an engineer (stereotypical, I know!). She moved to Austin, Texas to get her MBA degree and then moved to DC to pursue her career as a Business Analyst.

Outside of her day job and Improv, Smriti is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys going to the gym. She considers herself a nutrition conscious foodie who is constantly looking for delicious healthy recipes to make her partner cook for her.

Some of her other hobbies include visiting Museums, National Parks, and Aquariums, watching Stand-up comedy shows, and watching Stephen Colbert’s late night monologue, her primary source of news.

Favorite animal
Sea Lions (wonderful performers)
Hidden talent
I can do pull-ups!