Sabrina Shahmir

Sabrina Shahmir started doing improv when an imaginary skirt made of ramen earned her a spot on her college improv team.

She holds a degree in theatre from The University of Maryland, College Park, which she uses to make you think she’s really crying. She completed the WIT Curriculum in 2016. Sabrina is from Cobb Island, Maryland where she grew up riding bikes, reading books and eating crabs. Her favorite hobbies include eating, daydreaming, and playing Sims 3.

Sabrina has played with legacy Harold team Diviglio, WIT Special Project The Fourth Estate and indie teams Vital Lamps and Grandma’s Fire Blanket. She has coached indie team The High-Fivers since their inception in 2017.

Student feedback

“She was incredibly welcoming and friendly. She did a phenomenal job of making the class fun, creating a team environment, and also ensuring that it was highly educational. She was also very positive and encouraging, and at the same time gave good constructive criticism.”

“Sabrina is wonderful. She gave fantastic helpful feedback, and has a great eye for group dynamics. She does a great job of lavishing praise and also giving good advice about what she’d like to see more of in order that we improve.”

“Sabrina provided the best feedback that I’ve EVER had. Information was extremely useful — her guidance to others was even helpful.”

Current Ensembles
Personal Hero
Enrique Iglesias. He offered.
Personal Motto
Fortune favors the bold