Oxana Holtmann

Oxana Holtmann works as a Director of Marketing and Online Education at the Jung Society of Washington, a non-profit dedicated to disseminating ideas of C.G. Jung. Jung Society provides programs in areas of psychology, spirituality, and creativity. It helps people find meaning in everyday life and build a strong, conscious, and more tolerant community.

While living in Russia, Oxana taught English, studied German and Chinese, and translated numerous negotiations and workshops led by European and American psychotherapists and experts in international development. After moving, first to Germany and then to Washington, DC, Oxana learned how to make videos and created the Microfinance Podcast, a video library featuring the work of microfinance institutions around the world. She also helped globally mobile professionals deal with challenges of relocation and career change. After graduating from a two-year training program at the Hendricks Institute as a Leadership and Transformation coach, Oxana opened her private coaching practice and co-authored a book-journal, Shake It Up – Refresh and Rediscover Yourself through Wonder and Body-Mind.

As a child, Oxana loved dancing, singing, and theater. Though most of her life she had been learning heady stuff, her passion for performance, play, beauty, and mystery has never died. She was very happy to discover WIT and fell in love with it at first sight. She has been an enthusiastic and patient improv student since 2015 and joined the board so she could bring her organized creativity and international experience to her new improv home.

Favorite Historical Figure
Peter the Great
Favorite Animal
My dog, Lucky