Nick Tschernia

Nick hails from the debauched, modern sodom and gomorrah, Las Vegas. While most things either stay there, or turn to pillars of varying spice, he didn't - joining the DMV in 2021.

Nick took his first formal improv class in Rochester, NY with Chicago-trained John Forrest Thompson in June 2022 and caught the itch he needed to scratch with the WIT curriculum, beginning September 2022. Informally, he has been playing and running DnD/ttRPG games since 2015, and a part of live-play tabletop RPG podcasts since 2021.

Nick works as a research oncologist, running a lab and clinical trials dedicated to discovering new immunotherapy treatments in the fight against cancer. Beyond his day job, he loves to discover waterfalls on hikes, experiment in the kitchen, add to a burgeoning board game collection, humble himself with horrible throws in disc golf, or find new things to love while traveling. He’s known for atrocious puns you can’t help but smile at, the oddest stories, and bringing “yes, and” energy wherever he goes.

Current Ensembles
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Proficient pinky toe wiggler
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