Jeanna Kim

Jeanna spent her first improv scene pretending to climb a ladder. It took her 8 years to try a second.

Jeanna made her grand improv debut in college when the Rollins Improv Players (RIP) invited non-improvisers to join them on stage for a show. She doesn’t remember her line but the ladder thing sticks with her because it was such a hard action to pantomime. After eight years away from improv — and the theatre in general — she took her first improv class with WIT. She avoided ladders this time and kept at it long enough to join the Harold program. Outside of WIT, Jeanna practices and performs regularly with her indie teams Human Magnet and Imagine Wagons.

After finishing business school and starting her career, Jeanna realized that she was good at collaboration and something called “synergy.” She is glad she rediscovered improv so that she could use her talents without becoming a consultant. While she has yet to join a cult, her propensity for joining vaguely cultish activities like improv and CrossFit keeps her on a watch list. Jeanna enjoys dabbling in a wide variety of hobbies while mastering none, which she credits to her mother who enrolled her in every type of lesson as a child, from dance, piano, and harp to soccer, swimming, and tennis.

Jeanna aspires to one day finish an entire ChapStick. When this happens, she will consider it one of her life’s greatest accomplishments. Jeanna values proper grammar, so she asked her wise, handsome editor friend Nick Zazulia to edit this bio for her, which she did not subsequently review.

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Untying knots - the more complicated the better!
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