Natalie Knazik

Natalie just has to make everything into a joke.

Natalie was put in acting classes as a six year old after she threw herself to the couch with her arm flopped across her eyes announcing she’d had a hard day. She did EVERY PLAY in high school and college, took a few shortform classes with Second City literal decades ago, and performed with a dramatic improv team in Tel Aviv in 2006, and then took a break. She dove back into improv in 2018 and raced through the WIT curriculum. She was a founding mother of the gentlemen-free indie team Founding Fathers. Natalie has a special love of dramatic improv and storytelling and being creative with her excellent friends.

When offstage Natalie works one of those very dc-y grants-and-contracts jobs and lives to pet her cats’ faces, read gay teen fantasy novels, and play spirit island. She is Jewish and really can’t stop talking about it. Being from the mitten she has strong opinions about apples and cherries North Spies and and Balaton, please and thank you!

Current Ensembles
Favorite animal
A tie between my cats, Kanafeh (a prince) and Hamentaschen (a demon)
Hidden talent
Can usually complete the NYT Tuesday crossword.