Naib Mobassir

Naib is a Founding Partner and Technical Director at Pivotal Insights, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in providing cost-efficient digital strategy for progressive political campaigns, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

He is passionate about using technology to bring about positive social change and make people’s lives easier. As an engineer, Naib has worked on a plethora of projects over the past decade across a variety of different sectors. He engineered a large-scale investment platform for a global real estate & asset management firm, built the system for a computer-graphics-augmented rendition of The Tempest, created software to interpret brain scans from rhesus monkeys, and more recently led innovations in the telemedicine and health tech space.

Naib is a strong believer in the ability to change entire governments by intelligent use of technology. In 2015, Naib and a group of his friends successfully raided the Tanzanian government’s financial archives and created a visualizer to display spending discrepancies (check out a sample) among high officials. This later allowed the World Bank to revisit its economic policy in Tanzania. In Bangladesh, Naib worked on the World Bank’s “Leveraging ICT Growth, Employment and Governance Project” where he collaborated with the country’s top engineers to revamp the government’s tech infrastructure. More recently, Naib has taken an interest in American politics, where he has won several campaigns for progressive candidates at the county and state level, by engineering ways to reduce redundancies in political organizing and outreach.

Naib joins the WIT board with a passion for comedy and for helping nonprofits continue doing the great work that they do. Prior to joining WIT, Naib has consulted for various nonprofits that range in function from mentoring youth to reforming immigration policy to improving representation for underrepresented minorities. In a previous life, Naib was an avid stand-up comedian in Boston, and continues to bring his positive energy to the DC comedy scene. Naib has completed Improv level 2 at WIT and loves Justin Carty.

Favorite Color
This shade of green: 9FD356
Favorite Historical Figure
Malik Ambar (he was an African slave who became a king in the heart of India)