Mark Benjamin

Mark peaked in high school as captain of his science bowl team. It's been a gradual descent since then.

Mark started his improv career by taking classes at Jet City Improv in Seattle. Since moving to DC in 2016, he’s gone through the WIT curriculum and played on indie teams The Basement Gang and Milk on the Rocks.

Mark fell in love with the mountains during the two years he lived in Seattle. Since moving to DC, he’s grown his beard out and bought more flannel. Some might say he’s compensating. Mark also enjoys baking extra gooey cookies, playing board games, and riding his bike through the desert. While on a bike tour, he was voted best tan lines out of 34 riders in Avon Lake, Ohio. So he’s sort of a big deal.

Personal Hero
Tobias Funke
Hidden Talent
Making music by flicking my cheeks