Kendall Hollimon

Who does she think she is? Get this guy outta here.

When my friend (and now teammate on indie troupe Your Favorite Cookie) suggested we take improv classes, I was hype to get unencumbered on a Monday night. I’ve been chasing the fun ever since. After forging an unbreakable “yes, and” in the fires of WIT’s curriculum, I was blessed to join Kinfolk for one last job. The mission? Simple: Fight in DC’s premier Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament for the culture. Now, after a historic run, I’m blessed to have a WIT bio and a “found family.”

I’ll climb a tree if I see a good one. Sometimes if I need eggs or tomatoes I perform badly on purpose. All workplaces should be democracies.

Current Ensembles
Favorite Color
Deeeep purple
Favorite Snack
Trolli Sour Brite Eggs
Favorite Historical Figure
Thomas Sankara
Favorite Animal
AJ the Dog