Cassie Hoffman

When she was 8, Cassie attended clown camp, but missed the final performance due to a severe allergic reaction. She’s been on a journey to actualize her comedic potential ever since.

Due to a demanding work travel schedule, Cassie had an on and off again relationship with improv for 5 plus years; it was complicated. She finished the WIT curriculum in 2023 and has taken classes and workshops at DC Improv, Dojo Comedy, and Theatre Lab. She also performs with indie troupe Your Favorite Cookie.

Cassie loves to observe phenology, discuss animal intelligence, notice new haircuts, defend the culinary delights of Cincinnati, advocate for intergenerational friendships, and prank her friends and immediately regret it. She’s a midwestern and a middle child.

Current Ensembles
Favorite animal
Unusual snack choice
Dry pasta