Karyn Wilson

Karyn started doing improv because all of her favorite podcast hosts do improv.

After hearing so much about improv on podcasts she decided to search for improv classes in DC. Lucky for Karyn, WIT was starting a new class session the next week! So she signed up, got hooked, and completed all the core classes. Additionally she has competed in the FIST tournament with the team Sorry We Missed You and practices with Erin’s Van.

Karyn was born and raised in Washington DC but left for 4 years to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!). She now works as a designer at an architecture firm in the city. Outside of work, Karyn can be found teaching ice skating to kids, attending local theater shows, or telling someone about the last podcast she listened to. That third one is difficult though because Karyn listens to a lot of podcasts and everyone is tired of hearing about them.

Current Ensemble
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Trader Joes Rainbows End Trail Mix
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