Joseph Bushur

Joseph started doing improv in elementary school and has failed to develop other interests.

Joseph took his first improv class in elementary school. A couple of years later, he joined a comedy and improv group at a local children’s theater. In high school, he performed on his school’s improv team during the school year and spent his summers making movie parodies (example: The Da Vinci Code, but about those paintings with the dogs playing poker). In college, he joined Miami University’s improv and sketch comedy group (Sketched Out) and wrote his thesis about the Improvised Shakespeare Company.

In 2016, Joseph started the training program at the Kansas City Improv Company. When he moved to DC, Joseph finished his training at WIT, performed in FIST (Midwest Nice), and joined indie team Shots on a Monday.

Current Ensembles
Biggest fear
Hidden talent
My shoulders are double-jointed, unfortunately