Jenna Hall

Jenna fell in love with improv when she took her first class with WIT in the spring of 2013.

Jenna currently plays with the indie team The Female Accent, as well as WIT ensembles Hellcat and Nox! She’s also a proud member of Childish Things, winner of the FIST XI Championship. If you see her on stage, she’ll probably be doing something weird with her face and body.

Originally from La Plata, MD, she has been told she has a southern twang, despite Maryland being a mid-Atlantic state.  She enjoys petting her cats (Bea and Pearl), watching Frasier on Netflix, and setting lofty goals. “I’m going to start meditating this year,” she said to herself a year ago, and then never did.

Personal Hero
Aunt Jackie from Roseanne
Favorite Word