Molly Murchie

Molly Murchie has been improvising since 2001 when she began training with Washington Improv Theater. It changed her life, and she has the husband and two kids to prove it.

Back in the day, Molly was a founding member of the WIT ensemble Jackie and was one of the jerks in Dr. Fantastic. Currently, she is a member of the WIT ensemble Hellcat. She performed in the WIT special project In Lieu of Flowers and is a former FIST champion with the team Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch. She has also appeared in assorted scripted and immersive theater in DC, and she has told stories with SpeakEasy DC and Perfect Liars’ Club.

Molly is a fifth generation native Texan, a dog enthusiast, and one-time Jeopardy! loser.

Photo by Andrew Bossi

Hidden Talent
Fake sign language
Best Dance Move
The Stationary Baptist