Elise Webb

Elise Webb starting doing shortform improv when she was a mere tyke.

At 18, she moved to Chicago, where she fell in love with longform. She spent several years studying in Chicago, where she was on a team with pH Productions as well as other Harold teams. Elise stumbled onto WIT after a five-year break from improv, during which time she worked as a Pilgrim from 9 to 5 in Plymouth, Massachusetts and spent time in Rwanda (where her flailing white-girl moves won her a dance contest).

She went on to perform with WIT Harold Team Spirit Bear, and is now thrilled to be playing with this magnificent people on King Bee.


Photo by Darian Glover


Favorite color
Oxidized copper
Hidden talent
I thought I had X-ray vision because I could see between the slats on privacy fences.