Bryan Thren

Bryan Thren originates from the suburbs of Reading, PA. He first realized he liked performing when he got just a little too into a class reading of A Midsummer Night's Dream in eighth grade English.

Bryan began Improvising when his friends in high school forced him to and hasn’t looked back. He became a founding member of the Mason Improv Association at GMU in 2010, and eventually ran the team for two years. During and after college, Bryan performed with Wonderland and Cloaking Device in Laugh Index Theater’s House Team Program. Bryan also has competed at Washington Improv Theater’s FIST competition four times, placing highest with his team Self-Improvement Seminar reaching the Final Four in 2013.

Outside of Improv, Bryan works as a web developer. He also occasionally performs in plays, musicals, and short films. Obviously, as a web developer, he is a total computer nerd but somehow manages to have friends that care for him. His Guitar Hero skills are unparalleled, and he maintains a 75% win rate in Settlers of Cataan.

Photo by Jeff Salmore

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Reeses Peanut Butter Cups