Aaron Merrill

Aaron Merrill is the nicest jerk you'll ever meet, you idiot.

WIT Grad, Blot Harold alum, Last Comic Standing finalist (I watched the finale), Back-to-back winner DC Speakeasy Shorts film festival (as a writer), FIST X semi-finalist with The Farraguts (a current indie team!),

What? What do you want to know? Why? Who’s asking? Are you a cop? You gotta tell me if you’re a cop.

You’re real nosy, ain’t you? Got a real mouth on you, too. Oh, tough guy! Come on. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Navigate your browser away, tough guy! Navigate your browser away.

*Goes back to reading unauthorized tell-all of The Muppets*

Photo by Jeff Salmore

Personal hero
Calvin (and, to a lesser extent, Hobbes)
Favorite word