WIT dedicates month of May to inspiring connection #witconnection

Tools like Zoom and FaceTime, useful for maintaining closer relationships, [can’t] re-create the ease of social serendipity, or bring back the activities that bound us together.

Amanda Mull, The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friendship, The Atlantic


Everyone knows this by now, but human beings weren’t built for a year of quarantine. Interacting with others is a human need as basic as food and shelter, and right now every interaction can mean a lot.

Washington Improv Theater is dedicating the month of May to CONNECTION — reconnecting with old friends, introducing yourself to new friends, and deepening existing friendships. From a blitz of free virtual Improv for All workshops co-presented by community partners to a special edition of our online dating show For Love or Funny, we’ll be using the hashtag #WITconnection and an online hub to invite participation from every Washingtonian who wants to feel the thrill of finding human connection.

The month will include:

  • Free virtual improv workshops for a variety of communities. We’re partnering with community groups like All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, TheatreWashington, and DC Fray.
  • A special edition of our dating game show For Love or Funny in partnership with The DC Center for the LGBT Community and a global improv jam with improvisers across the world.
  • Pro bono organizational trainings for people who could really use a good laugh including staff at DC Public Libraries and a local organization that provides college prep for first-generation-to-college and low-income students.

Dive into all we’re doing at the WIT Connection Hub.

May 3, 2021