WIT casts 17 new Harold team players

WIT’s most recent round of Harold team auditions resulted in the casting of 17 new players. As in the recent cycles, several Harold players will move to different teams.

The Harold team After Pie will be retired and a new team will be created beginning in June. After Pie’s final performance will be May 22.

These auditions gave WIT the most proportionally diverse group of players cast in Harold teams yet. Seven of the incoming 17 players (or 41%) are people of color. Nine (or 53%) are women.

The new composition of WIT’s Harold teams are as follows:

(bold denotes new player; italics denote returning player on a new team)

  • Captain PhD (coached by Joe Dawson): Erick Acuña, Jesse Chimes, Tess Higgins, James Jelin, Chris Orvin, Cara Popecki, Morgan Smalley, Renan Snowden, Adriana Usero
  • LIZARD GIRL (coached by Patrick Fleury): Michael Blunschi, David Brescia-Weiler, Tyler Laminack, Shealy Molpus, Jessica Norman, Bryce Slinger, Jared Smith, Vic Whitten, Lauren Woody
  • Oh That Baby (coached by Patrick Slevin): Stacey Axler, Joey Breems, Jeffrey Friedman, Bizzy Fain, Elizabeth Fulton, Lauren LaVare, Brady Peters, Ray Simeon, Matt Strote
  • Out Sick (coached by Virginia Lyon): Nora Boedecker, Allan Eakin, Tonya Jordan, Olivia Martinez, Bill Nelson, Ginnie Seger, Tu-An Truong, Samantha Watson, Karyn Wilson
  • Tiovivo (coach TBD)Bam Alston, Leah Donnella, Melissa Gedney, Jasmine Jiang, Adam Levine, Nik Manohar, Erin Murray, Henry Ring, David Shadburn
  • Wonder Whale (coached by Ben Taylor)Andy Braden, Tom DiLiberto, Mikail Faalasli, Elissa Heller, Angela Karpieniak, Kara Kinsey, Kelsey Peters, Brianna Rooney, Kenny Yi
  • NEW TEAM (coached by Donna Steele)Andrew Dickinson, Rosemary Grant, John Haines, Diego Hernandez, Kevin Koeser, Elizabeth Mulkey, James Paul, Rajyashree Sen, Alexandra Tucci
May 17, 2018