WIT announces three new summer electives

WIT has announced three new electives for the summer! Check out the new offerings and sign up—classes start in June!


Advanced Format: Close Quarters with Jeff Bollen

Thursdays, starting June 22

Close Quarters: Where every scene takes place at the exact same time in one large location. The Harold. You’ve learned it, and you’re ready to take on a new challenge. Enter Close Quarters—the format that puts every scene in the same large location happening at the exact same moment. Learning Close Quarters will change the way you think about improv. Students will learn to craft a show where all the scenes are related; you get to experience joy and success from making connections across multiple story threads. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER


Scene Study: Game with Jordana Mishory

Wednesdays, starting June 21

Game. You’ve probably heard this word mentioned by improv teachers and coaches a million times by now. But maybe you are still struggling to understand it. What *is* the game of the scene? And how do you find it, play it and heighten it? This eight-week class will help you strengthen your understanding of game. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER


Musical Improv Level 3: Ensemble with Mark Chalfant, Beth Lyons, and Michael O’Connor

Tuesdays, starting June 20

Put your musical improv training into action! In this eight-week course, we’ll create shows as an ensemble, complete with backline support and edits. Building on our work from Levels 1 and 2, we‘ll put all the pieces together into fully improvised musical theater, culminating in a class showcase. Emphasis will remain on emotional integrity, solid scene work and songcraft, and following the fun! Students will learn from iMusical members Mark Chalfant and Beth Lyons. Michael O’Connor will be the accompanist for the class.

Participants must have completed Level 1 (2019’s “Foundations of Musical Improv” or 2017’s “Intro to Musical Improv”) and Level 2 (“Scene into Song”) — or equivalent — or have permission from the instructor. Please reach out to the education manager at classes@witdc.org with any questions. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER


May 25, 2023