WIT adds new players + new team to Harold program

What’s the latest? WIT is very pleased to the announce the addition of 10 players to the Harold team program–plus the creation of a brand new team–for the June-September cycle.

Each of the current seven Harold teams has some new blood in this round of casting.

Harold team Richie will be joined by Ben Taylor, a player new to the Harold team program. Team LIZARD GIRL will welcome Lauren Woody (previously on Not Great With Kids). Harold team Diviglio will gain player Michael Burgos, also new to the program. Diviglio will gain Annie Barry (Nox!) as their new coach, as Sam Bonar steps away from Harold coaching.

Ginnie Seger, who is new to the program, along with Ryan Brookshire (previously on Not Great With Kids) will both join Harold team Tiovivo. AstroMom will welcome Tony Lazzeroni, who is new to the program. Team Fran will gain Justine Hipsky (previously on Not Great With Kids) as a player, and Zach Beattie (Love Onion) as a coach. Previous coach John Carroll (Madeline) departs the DC area.

A new team, yet to be named, will be comprised of new players Chris Orvin, Ellie Klein, Kara Kinsey, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Manseur, and Martin Steger, as well as players previously from Not Great With Kids Jeff Bollen, Geoffrey Corey, and Amy Purcell. Coaching this team will be Dan Miller (King Bee and WIT’s external communications director).

In tandem with these changes, team Not Great With Kids will be retired from the program. This will make NGWK’s final performance next TUE, May 23, in the 9pm show.

Players Vic Whitten (LIZARD GIRL), Bryan Thren (Tiovivo), Sarah Houghton (Fran), Zach Watson (AstroMom), and Veronica Norman, Emily Crovella and Derek Hayes (Not Great With Kids) will leave the Harold team program before the next cycle starts. We’ll miss each of them.

May 17, 2017