Teen Spirit: The Superlatives

Last Friday night at the Teen Spirit bash, WIT bestowed the highly scientific Senior Superlatives to a group of improvisers. For those who couldn’t be in attendance, the winners were…

Prom Royalty: Jenna Hall, Eva Lewis, Kourtney Ramseur, Jeff Salmore, Heather Marie Vitale
Cutest Couple: Patrick Fleury and Kaelan Sullivan (runners up: Alex Kazanas and Bethany Coan, Dana and John Heiser, Kristen Timko and Justin Carty)
Best Hair: Molly Murchie (runners up: Mark Chalfant, Jasmine Jiang, Brianna Lux)
Biggest Social Butterfly: Geoff Corey (runners up: Macey Schiff, Erin Murray)
Best Social Media Presence: Hellcat (runners up: Ryan Brookshire, Zach Mason)
Most Likely to Break in a Scene: Jordana Mishory (runners up: Donna Steele, Nina Hsu)
Best Dressed: Kara Kinsey (runner up: Erin Murray)
Biggest Improv Nerd: (tie) Jonathan Murphy and Kelsey Peters (runners up: Erick Acuña, Ryan Brookshire)
Most Likely to Be in Multiple Shows in a Night: Erick Acuña (runners up: Krystal Ramseur, Jordana Mishory, Ryan Brookshire)
Most Physical Performer: Jenna Hall (runners up: Geoff Corey, Donna Steele)
Craziest Characters: Jenna Hall (runners up: Donna Steele, Saleh Karaman)

  • Best future improvisers: Lio and Luna De Robertis
  • Best impressions: Saleh Karaman
  • Best improv shoes Elizabeth Cutler
  • Best Kisser: Krystal Ramseur
  • Best laugh: Krystal Ramseur
  • Most likely to be your friend: Jane White
  • Best Make-Up: Kara Kinsey
  • Best one-liners: Zach Mason
  • Best show host: Erick Acuña
  • Best audience member: Krystal Ramseur
  • Least punctual: Dan Milliken
  • Most Endearing: Molly Graham
  • Most Environmentally Conscious: Sabahat Chaudhary
  • Best Beard: Alex Beard
  • Most giving of her time: Heather Marie Vitale
  • Most Likely animal to be in an improv show: Zazu
  • Most Likely to Always Be Doing a Bit: Bam Alston
  • Most likely to be an actual mindreader: Krystal Ramseur
  • Most Likely to Be Asked to Perform in a Troupe: Darnell Eaton
  • Most likely to be way too loud on the stairs: Denny Johnson
  • Most likely to do a solo scene: Matt Winterhalter
  • Most Likely to lose his V card tonight: Denny Johnson
  • Most Likely to Make People Laugh Without Saying a Word: Eva Lewis
  • Best Characters with a Prominent Pelvis: Kevin Mahoney
  • Best I’m-a-Bad-Wittle-Boy Characters: Dan Miller
  • Best ‘Honey, Please’ Characters: Dennis R. Johnson
  • Most Likely to Roll Across the Stage: Krystal Ramseur
  • Most likely to make you feel seen: Puss and Kooch
  • Most likely to move to LA: Jamal Newman
  • Most likely to nonchalantly rule the world: Krystal Ramseur
  • Most Likely to Play a Child in a Scene: Justine Hipsky
  • Most likely to play a grandpa: Jess Norman
  • Mostly Likely to Commit to Playing a Human Pyramid for an Entire Show: All of NOX!
  • Person everyone wants to be friends with: Krystal Ramseur
May 14, 2019