The Internet rabbit hole that’s packed full of completely true facts! [citation needed]


Saturday October 17, 2020
8:00 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

Wittypedia is a supergroup of Boise’s improv performers, featuring players who all perform regularly with other troupes. The format is based on the universal experience of heading to Wikipedia and accidentally wasting hours looking up related articles until you’ve forgotten what you initially went there for.

Manda Hardin, Austin Von Johnson, Sonya Kuhn, Karen Manthey, and Ian Williams refined this idea into something we could perform on stage. Wittypedia debuted in 2019 and made its first festival appearance at the Wasatch Improv Festival. If you like wordplay with a side of absurdist storytelling, you’ll like Wittypedia!

No Facebook account needed to stream.