Vagina!  An Improvised Monologue Show

Vagina! An Improvised Monologue Show is a completely improvised, uncensored, uninhibited, unapologetic show about vaginas, for vaginas, and in celebration of vaginas.


Tuesday February 28, 2017
9:00 PM

In this one-time show, the all-female cast raises their voices together to raise awareness of violence against, and exploitation of, women.

The cast:

  • Brianna Lux
  • Dana Malone
  • Emily Crovella
  • Erin Murray
  • Eva Lewis
  • Ginnie Seger
  • Jenna Hall
  • Jess Lee
  • Jessica Norman
  • Justine Avery
  • Kaelan Sullivan
  • Katie Ozog
  • Kelsey Peters
  • Liz Sanders
  • Lura Barber
  • Macey Shiff
  • Marissa Goodstone
  • Nina Hsu
  • Sarah Bucher
  • Shealy Molpus
  • Veronica Norman

General information

  • This performance replaces a 9 PM Harold Night curtain.
  • As a part of the One Billion Rising Revolution, the show benefits House of Ruth, a local organization that provides comprehensive services to the victims of intimate partner violence and their children.
  • Donations will also be collected at the door.