Slambidextrous + The Female Accent + JorDenny + Hijinx

Never before seen shows! D.C.'s top improvisers! Spontaneous laughs and thrills!


Thursday July 16, 2015
7:00 PM
$12 in advance, $15 at the door

Slambidextrous- A simple someone, using both hands and all their heart, does their morning rituals and readies for a day like no other. CastSam Bonar

The Female Accent- Word up! The only thing The Female Improv loves more than improvised comedy is studying etymology. Come watch as they comedically probe the depths of their deep vocabulary in this long-form improv set. CastChristine Burgess, John Carroll, Adam Fishbein, Thomas Harris, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, James MacIndoe, Ross Townsend

JorDenny- You’ve heard of Brangelina and Kimye. Now meet JorDenny. Featuring Thank You For Sharing’s Jordana Mishory and Commonwealth’s Denny Johnson, JorDenny is a patient two-person show that examines the hilarity in the everyday. You’ll laugh; you’ll relate; you’ll wish you had a portmanteau of your own. CastDenny Johnson, Jordana Mishory

Hijinx- You’re eavesdropping. You want to hear every ridiculous word that these old friends are saying at the bar next to you. Now is your chance to get fully engrossed in their out of control lives and not worry about being caught listening in. CastAmanda Hirsch, Jordan Hirsch, Sean Murphy, Greg Tindale

Important details:

  • Doors open approximately 30 minutes before curtain time. All seating is general admission except for reserved seating, which will be in the first three rows.
  • In the case of sold-out shows, seats cannot be held for late arrivals and unclaimed tickets may be resold. This includes reserved seats.
  • In the case of a sold-out shows, we may offer a limited number of half-price stand-by tickets. These seats will be on the floor in front of the first row or along the sides
  • Other questions? Check out our general FAQ.

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