Friday December 26, 2014
8:00 PM

Bradley Cooper Circa 2011: This reunited 2013 FIST team, featuring iMusical’s Dan Milliken, Fisticuffs’ Jordana Mishory, and Love Onion alumnus Emily Gorski, will get the audience pumped for the new year by exploring all the awesomeness it holds in store for them.

In Knife Club, WIT’s Harold Team takes a suggestion of a problem or annoyance people run into during the holidays and demonstrates a way to “fix it”. By the end, of course, everything goes to hell.

Current WIT players Greg Tindale and Sean Murphy (and possibly Joe Ucho) reunite with WIT alumni Amanda and Jordan Hirsch (and possibly Aparna Nancherla) — all of whom played together in JINX back in the day — to explore the theme of catching up with old friends when you’re home for the holidays. Old friends meet up in a bar and old patterns – and new surprises – emerge.