QVC: Queer Variety Cavalcade

Washington Improv Theater’s QVC invites YOU to the first annual Queery Awards for shameless Flattery, Unconventionality, Criminality, and Kink!


Friday April 26, 2024
9:30 PM
General admission: $15 in advance (plus $2 service fee); for those who experience cost as a barrier, a limited number of affordable pricing tickets are available using the code AFFORDABLE

In partnership with special guests from the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington (CMCW) and Debut
Honorary Queery Recipient Dr. James Ellzy, as well as support from the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs, The Queeries! celebrates queer DMV talent and pop culture camp. And with a mixture of audience submitted nominations and blatantly undemocratic declared winners, The Queeries! mimic LGBTQ life itself: unfair, but far more fun than the alternative.

Inspired by the filthy fame whoring of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (RIP), Birdie and Butchie have invited some of their favorite bent winos, DC d-listers, former Senate Staffers and other STARS to SASHAY down the lavender carpet for the selfie-strewn navel-licking party of the year. Join us and enjoy performances from the diva drag artist D’Manda Martini, sexy singer/songwriter Francis Grey,
the 17th Street Dance Ensemble, and co-hosts Birdie and Butchie—with WHATEVER goes down gilded with a golden finale improv set from our quick & quemeful QVC Players.

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