Out Loud presents: gaY2K + Hellcat + iMusical

Washington Improv Theater presents a series of performances including shows that blend improv with artificial intelligence!


Friday April 12, 2024
9:30 PM
General admission: $15 in advance (plus $2 service fee); for those who experience cost as a barrier, a limited number of affordable pricing tickets are available using the code AFFORDABLE


Out Loud presents: gaY2K
Your favorite gay neighbors of Out Loud love to find the completely relatable reasons that led to how we end up in the most precarious situations. We will take your suggestion of how you spent the night of Y2K and explore the “what if” and the “why not” through improvised scenes.
Cast: Krystal Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Geoff Corey, Madeline Dozier, Darnell Eaton, Adrian Gaston Garcia, Devin Hiett, Nick Martinez, Ryan McCloskey, Clare Mulligan

Hellcat is an all-female identifying group. We build improvised stories out of the truths and insights of the human experience, from those moments of despair and rage to the moments of elation, joy, and everything in between.
Cast: Krystal Ali, Sarah Baldwin, Kaelan Fleury, Melissa Gendey, Devin Hiett, Liz Hoke, Simonica Mendes, Clare Mulligan, Aubrey Peterson, Lori Pitts, Simone Webster, Steph Wilson

iMusical joins the unpredictable playfulness of comedic improvisation with the emotional power of musical theater. A cast of singer-improvisers instantly creates a compelling new show with each performance, comprised of completely improvised scenes, lyrics and music, all inspired by a single audience suggestion.
Cast: Adrianne Thomas, Anna Claire Walker, Beth Lyons, Cassie Barnum, Elaine Tinkelman, Geoff Corey, Mark Chalfant, Matt Berman, Ryan Campbell, Simone Webster, Travis Charles Ploeger, Michael O’Connor

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Meet Hellcat

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Meet iMusical

iMusical joins the unpredictable playfulness of comedic improvisation with the emotional power of musical theater. Read More