Nik + The Gang’s All Queer + Human Magnet + Dead Plant Society

From an improvised Western to Seinfeld: Unscripted, WIT's new run features experiments with different genres and much, much more!


Saturday July 29, 2023
5:00 PM
Pay what you choose; donations are welcome during checkout

Studio Theatre: Stage 4 (fourth floor)
1501 14th Street Northwest


Nik is composed of Nic and Nick – nearly tocayos, but fully friends. Together, they create a world grounded in emotion, but silly in its authenticity. Neither gets their way in this long-running duo, but both are happy. Cast: Nick Martinez, Nic Small.

The Gang’s All Queer – The show is performed in the style of a 90s sitcom, with cast members improvising an entire sitcom episode based on the audience’s suggestion of an episode title. Cast: Kevin Eggleston, Devin Hiett, Caroline Howe, Peter Jones, Mike Kopalek, Hannah Piper, Sophia Colon Roosevelt, Mikki Smith, Kae Tvrdy, Jane White.

The Human Magnet crew patiently finds the absurdities in everyday scenarios and drills into the fun of these human experiences through a montage of scenes. Their performance, inspired by the audience, improvises a movie story spine, applies a genre, and explores this world and all of its misgivings. Cast: Christina Ferrari, Craig Gagel, Jeanna Kim, Andrea Mosee, Steve Pilloff.

Dead Plant Society is the answer to “why live in a society when you could create your own”. They aim to present a fever dream of an improv show based off of the day to day world we all live in (for better or for worse). Cast: Chirs Clark, Genevieve Dabrowksi, Kevin Eggleston, Jonah Gordon, Sarah Herhold, Mike Kopalek, Hannah Piper, Mikki Smith, Cylde Thompson, Eddison Wilkinson.

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Photo by Jeff Salmore