Lena Dunham: Most Wanted + iMusical + Nox + The Hypothesis Presents: The World is Ending + Stat! An Improvised Medical Drama + Improvised Sex and the City + The Potomac Sea Stories

We’re expecting! Break out those confetti-filled balloons and colorful cupcakes—this summer, WIT’s company ensembles are playfully experimenting with genres ranging from disaster movies to Westerns to horror-comedies.


Friday June 14, 2024
7:30 PM
General admission: $15 in advance (plus $2 service fee); Tickets to Friday night shows are All Access Passes. You may come and go between performances all night; for those who experience cost as a barrier, a limited number of affordable pricing tickets are available using the code AFFORDABLE

All start times are approximate. We recommend arriving early if you’d like to see a particular show.

The Line-up

Lena Dunham: Most Wanted (7:35 – 8:05)
Get ready for a showdown at the heartbreak corral! It’s high noon in the world of justice, romance, and wild west antics with the sharp-shooting jokers of Lena Dunham Improv. Step right up and bring your tales of heartache and highway robbery to the stage where we’ll spin a yarn faster than a greased six-shooter, righting your wrongs in a spectacle of love and lawlessness. Sparks might fly in this ultimate quest for romance and retribution between the MOST WANTED!
Cast: Krystal Ali, Bam Alston, Darnell Eaton, Eva Lewis, Jamal Newman, Erica Mysc, Nic Small, Simone Webster, Bobby Williams

iMusical (8:07 – 8:52)
In Once Upon iMusical, a brand new fairy tale musical is created in front of your eyes, inspired by your suggestions. Will dreams come true? Will lessons be learned? There are only FIVE chances this summer to find out!
Cast: Cassie Barnum, Matt Berman, Ryan Campbell, Mark Chalfant, Geoff Corey, Beth Lyons, Michael O’Connor, Travis Charles Ploeger, Adrianne Thomas, Elaine Tinkelman, Anna Claire Walker, Simone Webster

Nox (8:54 – 9:19)
Nox! interviews a member of the audience to bring their dreams to life.
Cast: Geoff Corey, John Heiser, Nina Hsu, Bri Lux, Aaron Mosby, Aubrey Peterson, Bethany Stokes, Tandra Turner, Chris Ulrich, Matt Winterhalter

The Hypothesis Presents: The World is Ending (9:21 – 9:51)
Every great disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored. EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE. The Hypothesis will serve as your layman’s guide to the apocalypse — so you’re not just delighted but also prepared for that next Armageddon. Or Deep Impact. Not just tomorrow but also The Day After Tomorrow.
Cast:Ceci De Robertis, Tom Di Liberto, Nina Hsu, Jordana Mishory, Henry Ring, Goli Samimi, Nic Small, Bethany Stokes, Slli’m Williams

Stat! An Improvised Medical Drama (9:53 – 10:18)
STAT! an improvised medical drama focuses on the personal and professional lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings. With each episode crafted on the spot, expect unexpected twists, intense emotions, and high-stakes medical dilemmas that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Cast: Krystal Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Erick Acuña, Kaelan Fleury, Kelsey Peters and introducing two WIT Students

Improvised Sex and the City (10:20 – 10:42)
And just like that, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte are back making big moves in an improvised episode of their seminal TV series. “Improvised Sex and the City” couldn’t help but wonder: aren’t we all just making things up as we go along?
Cast: Matt Berman, Mark Chalfant, Tom Di Liberto, Meredith Garagiola, Jordana Mishory, Liz Sanders, Elaine Tinkelman, Anna Claire Walker

The Potomac Sea Stories (10:44 – 10:59)
Two sailors, weathered by salt and storm, are in port tonight to share bizarre and uncanny stories from their time sailing the high-seas. Descend into the murky depths of imagination and madness with “The Potomac Sea Stories.”
Cast: Ryan McClure, Matt Strote

Tickets to Friday night shows are All Access Passes. You may come and go between performances all night.

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COVID safety

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Accessibility information

This performance will take place in the Milton Theatre on the second floor, reachable by stairs or elevator. Most seats in the Milton require the use of some stairs in the theater. The Milton has wheelchair- and scooter-accessible locations (reached by use of a platform lift) where patrons can remain in their wheelchairs or transfer to seats. Patrons requiring a wheelchair-accessible seat location should purchase a general admission ticket and then notify us by email at wit@witdc.org so that box office staff can be ready to assist or direct you. Please do not contact the Studio Theatre box office; they do not handle ticketing or seating for WIT performances. For more info on accessibility at Studio Theatre, see their accessibility page.

Title art by Tom Billings.

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