Final Draft: Deer Leader

WIT students created imaginative worlds in Greg Tindale's TV pilot writing class—now we're bringing them to life in Final Draft: Spotlight on TV Pilots Created by WIT Students.


Friday May 28, 2021
5:00 PM
Free (donations appreciated)


TODAY’S TV PILOT TABLE READ: Deer Leader by Jillian Cardillo
Logline: Deer Leader is an animated family sitcom about the Deere family. Rudolphus, the Deer Leader, rules over their homeland as a hereditary dictator, but even though he’s in charge things aren’t easy for him. His sister Donna is trying to overthrow him with her pro-democracy group, his sister Vixion is trying to kill him so she can be in charge and his mother Prances just wants to be a reality tv star. Oh, and his father Cupidus is a ghost who can’t seem to stop causing trouble.
  • Stage Directions: Susan Jacob
  • Donna Deere: Meg Turlington
  • Rudolphus Deere: Alex Diaz-Ferguson
  • Prances Deere: Aubri O’Connor
  • Vixion Deere: Jillian Rubino
  • Cupidus Deere: Ace Eldridge
  • Dashah Doe: Katie Anthony
  • Dancah Doe: Heather Marie Vitale
  • Comitus Stagman: Eli Okun
  • Pete Rabbit: Michael Mendoza
  • Salmon Moose: Shawn Logue
  • Shruggs Bunny: Karyn Wilson
  • General Moosolini: John Howes
  • Trevor Hogg: Hawk Jameson
  • Blitza Wolfe: Lori Pitts
  • Deer/Squirrel/Reindeer/Jesica: Jamie Bingner