Baggage Claim + LIZARD GIRL + iMusical

WIT's unpredictable improv comedians turn an audience suggestion into a never-before-seen comedy show.


Friday June 9, 2023
9:30 PM
$5.00 - $25.00

Baggage Claim is an all Black indie troupe here to unpack your emotional baggage in front of a live audience. Tell us about a time someone wronged you, and we will break it down scene by scene until all you can do is laugh about it. Cast: Samiyyah Ali, Precious Jenkins, Namakau Ombaba, Clyde Thompson, Eddison Wilkinson

Formed in May 2016, LIZARD GIRL is a troupe tracing its roots back to the golden age of Obama-era Harold teams at WIT. Now performing as an ensemble, the group strives to create sharp comedic shows by inviting you into their quirky world. LIZARD GIRL asks the audience for a location and from there invites you to get to know the characters in this location by building a backstory for these characters and this world through various flashbacks. Cast: Mikey Blunschi, Patrick Fleury, Shealy Molpus, Jessica Norman, Krystal Ramseur, Bryce Slinger, Jared Smith

iMusical joins the unpredictability of comedic improvisation with the fun of musical theater! A cast of singer-improvisers instantly creates an entirely new musical show on the fly, complete with improvised scenes, songs, and characters, all inspired by a single audience suggestion.

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Photo by Jeff Salmore

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iMusical joins the unpredictable playfulness of comedic improvisation with the emotional power of musical theater. Read More


LIZARD GIRL is an ensemble and aspiring cult at Washington Improv Theater. Read More