And, Scene! Digital Edition

Ever had that dream where you're in a play and don't know the lines? And Scene! Brings a new Digital Show to your screen.


Monday December 28, 2020
8:00 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

And, Scene! was slated to premiere on WIT’s stage in March, however due to the pandemic it didn’t happen. So a new version of this show has been developed that allows us to share the idea with you in your home.

Watch prepared actors perform their roles from a scripted theater piece while a WIT improviser is dropped into the scene with absolutely zero information about what to expect. The show is recorded live via zoom with each scene taking place at the same time in different breakout rooms. After all scenes are recorded the files are uploaded and edited in sequential order so you can see them all!

You can learn more about the process behind the production by listening to the And, Scene! podcast.

Tune in for the opening night premiere where the cast and crew watch alongside you, Live! We will be there to laugh, chat, and watch for the first time the full show. The Live Premiere will be on Facebook where you can tune in on facebook live! Missed the premiere? Don’t worry you can view the show on demand on WIT’s Youtube channel.
And, Scene!
Meet And, Scene!

Ever had that dream where you're in a play and don't know the lines? Read More